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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cool dad drives tank through town to buy ice cream for kids

A Czech man drove a Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) through a historic town centre to buy his kids an ice cream.

Miroslav Tucek, 34, now faces a €450+ ($575/£310) fine after driving the 12-tonne military vehicle through Hradec Kralove. He told police it was too far to walk from his home and he had promised his kids an ice cream.

He said he had to use the APC, which he bought from the Czech military, as his car had broken down. Only light vehicles are allowed in the historic centre of Hradec Kralove in the northern Czech Republic.


Anonymous J Svo said...

One: I appreciate the new postings, good job b rad

Two: How sweet are Czechs

1:42 PM

Blogger handsome joe said...

Answer: Pretty Sweet!

2:37 PM


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