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Friday, April 14, 2006

Heroic cat rescue enters twelfth day...

Nearly two weeks ago, a cat named Molly wandered into a narrow space between walls and became lost in what rescue supervisor Mike Pastore described as "a maze of beams and pipes, going every which way.'' Since then, there has been a massive city-wide effort to rescue this brave cat from her certain death in the wall of a 157-year-old building. The building is part of a landmarked historic district where alterations are prohibited without official permission. Nevertheless, city building officials were on hand to supervise as bricks were hammered out in the cellar.

Two kittens were brought to the scene in a carryon cage, in hopes that their mewing might trigger Molly's maternal instincts enough to draw her out. On Wednesday, bricks had been carefully removed at various spots to give Molly an escape route. Molly stayed put. The rescue team was able to get a fleeting look at Molly using a tiny video camera snaked into the crawl space, but could not reach her. A cage, baited with food, was left overnight. Molly didn't bite. Even catnip, the feline aphrodisiac, had no effect on the timorous tabby. On Thursday, Carole Wilbourne, a cat therapist, knelt on the sidewalk next to the building's outer wall and tried to coax Molly out with what she hoped were soothing words.

If you have a minute, read the full article. If nothing else it will give you a little insight into the thought process of the rescue workers who are perpetrating the WORST USE OF TAX MONEY IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.

Perhaps I'm being too harsh. After all, this cat is a hero. It really embodies the resilient nature of America. Terrorist attacks, devistating hurricanes and tornados, a cat getting lost in a wall... nothing can get our spirits down. We will live on.


Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

How does one become a cat therapist?

11:45 AM

Blogger Michael David Petrovich said...

Forget cat therapist, pet psychic is where it is at. You put your hands on the animals head, act like your concentrating for a few minutes, and then tell the owner the fluffy likes when you rub his belly or something. Boom. You got a $50 reading right there.

11:49 AM


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