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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Three Older Women I Would Like To "Take To Dinner"

Sexy older women are great, I bet they know all sorts of stuff. These are the three women over thirty-five with whom I would most like to engage in the conjugal act. Liz Phair, Renee Russo, and Julianne Moore. I saw Liz Phair in concert in December and she looks even hotter in person, Julianne Moore is the hottest red headed celebrity ever, and most of her movies are really good too (though I would have rather watched "Sack Lunch" than "The English Patient". It was just too long and boring.

A girl once told me she couldn't be with someone who didn't like "The English Patient". I think Ralph Fiennes' head is in the picture here, which is a real bummer, but hey the tasteful nudity makes the photo worthwhile. As for Renee Russo, if you ever saw "The Thomas Crown Affair" you know what I'm talking about, also she was in "Major League" with the immortal Bob Euker (sp?).


Anonymous Brian Shoup said...

Sorry, I have no respect for anyone who plays a Fender Mustang, the shittiest of guitars. That said, I would totally tag Rene Russo and Julianne Moore has nice...eyes.

11:39 PM

Blogger BlaineC said...

I like Liz Phair because all her songs are about how big of a slut she is and how she loves the cock.

8:56 AM

Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Not all of her songs, only like two or three (Flower, Fuck and Run, and HWC). And as for you big Bri, I seem to recall that Jimmy Page resorted to using a Danelectro at times, a much shittier guitar than a Mustang.

10:50 AM


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