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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

'Popeye: the movie' mirrors reality

Remember Popeye: the movie? With Robin Williams? There was that taxman that fined everyone for anything that popped in his head? What? You didn't see the movie? Oh, it was awesome. Ask Dennis. It's his favorite.

Well, anyway...

British man gets a ticket for flicking off a speed camera. Actually he was ticketed for "using an offensive hand gesture for several seconds" When he was caught on the speed camera, going the speed limit mind you, showing his disdain for the inanimate object. In a display of speed an efficiency we all only wish they used on actual crimes, cops showed up at his front door 20 minutes after he gave the camera the bird to give him a L80 ticket.

Also, he has a mustache.


Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

It's my dad who hates Popeye, I am generally Popeye indifferent.

3:14 PM


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