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Friday, March 17, 2006

Don't let statutory rape get you down

A guy I know in St. Louis is having an issue with his underage girlfriend's parents trying to get him arrested for statutory rape. I told him this would never have happened if he had just consulted the table of legal ages of consent. Then he would have noticed that in the state of Missouri it's legal for him to fuck a 17-year old, but not a 16-year old. If he were in Nebraska, though... have at it. And just a warning to everyone: watch out for Iowa. Those commie bastards say it's illegal to do the deed with anyone under 18.


Blogger The married girl said...

[1]Age 16 if the man is 21 or older.
[2]If the female is over 12, the status applies only to virgins.

I dont understant footnote [2] can someone please explain it to me?

9:14 AM

Blogger BlaineC said...

I didn't really understand that either. Here's what I think it means... in Mississippi if a girl is a virgin you have to wait until she's 16 to give her the business. However, if she's NOT a virgin, you can fuck her when she's 12... Gross.

9:20 AM

Blogger The married girl said...

How many 12 year old girls out there are not virgins? And if they have lost the virginity what age do you think the person was she gave it up to? My niece is 12 I can't even fathom her loosing it at 12!

9:28 AM

Blogger BlaineC said...

I wouold guess that the majority of women who lose their virginity at 16 lost it to someone who was 16-18 at the time. However, I would unfortunately have to say that your average 12-year old non-virgin probably didn't lose it to another 12-year old. More likely they lost it to some sick son of a bitch 22-year old like bad haircut guy (see post from about a month ago).

10:06 AM

Blogger Michael David Petrovich said...

What if you are doing a 16 year-old in the back of your buddies van. You begin the physical act of love in the state of Nebraska, but your buddy drives over the border and gets pulled over. Does the law apply in the state where the act was started, or where you are caught doing it?

11:46 AM

Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

In Canada it's 14, I wonder if there are a lot of sleezy guys hanging around outside of junior high schools waiting for the ninth graders to get out.

11:50 AM

Blogger BlaineC said...

Mikey, I think once you cross the river you will have to pull out. Maybe finish yourself off onto her face. Technically that's not sex.

1:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm, Canada

9:34 PM


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