I changed my mind. This is no longer my slice of the American Dream pie. It is now just a place for me to bitch.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Myspace, so hot right now.

Myspace Mascots:

Meet *Pussy Only*. She only likes pussy and she is using Myspace to meet other women who like pussy. Men don't even bother she already hates you. She is hot. Model hot. And all her men-hating-pussy-loving friends are model hot too. By my calculation there are 15 million hot man-hating lesbians looking for pussy via Myspace right now. Matter of fact, if I was your typical butch flannal wearin' lesbian I would a little p'd off right now. I might even pull the picture of a sexy model off the Internet and try and pass it off as myself to get more attention.

"What's up. I'm Mac as in the Mac Daddy of all Hos. I have sent a friend invite to every hot girl on Myspace, and almost all have accepted. Why wouldn't they, as you can see in my income section, I make over $250,000 a year...And I am still in High School. I love football, beer, hangin' with my bros, and fuckin' up anyone who talks shit. Also, if you didn't notice, my top eight best friends are all pornstars. That's right hanging with pornstars and bankin' 250 Gs a year...I am also playing for Texas U next fall, see the picture."

I'm 'Shadow Mercy'. I Hate "Normies". We used to call them "conformist", but then it seemed too conformist to call them "Conformist" so we changed it to "Normies". I like wearing Black lipstick with Black clothes and not conforming.


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