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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Don't think Christian fundamentalists could overreact about something as benign as the Superbowl? Think again...

I feel like ever since the Janet Jackson incident the Superbowl has turned into a big pussy family-friendly cheesefest. Apparently not everybody thinks so. Here is some dude talking about how the Superbowl was a product of the devil.


Blogger handsome joe said...

this guy should form his own christian football league. they can show it on one of those church channels. they can advertise whatever they want to whomever they want however they feel appropriate. his taxes don't go towards funding the superbowl, he is mearly a consumer like the rest of us. if he doesn't like the product then he should change the channel. or watch it so he can write something about it and get a paycheck, i suppose. whatever.

11:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, you are such a conformist. I say we riot. Throw some rocks, burn some shit, just like Jesus would.

12:35 PM

Anonymous jay svoboda said...

He must have been a seahawks fan.

2:51 PM


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