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Friday, January 27, 2006

Hey, I got some bullets. How about I put them in a gun, and then put them in your brain.

Some chump tried to set up a gambling ring on the Virginia state governments turf...So they wacked him.

That's right kids a 37 year-old optometrist was (if you have a weak stomach turn away) taking sports bets from his home. Following procedure when serving a warrant the police sent a full SWAT team to break into the mans house in the middle of the night and serve him his papers, but somehow, despite what is obviously a completely safe procedure, they ended up "accidently" killing him instead.

Let this be a lesson to others that want to engage in the practice of wagering money on sporting events in the state of Virginia. If you are going to do it use the proper channels:


And while your there check out the list of recent winners...It's very exciting.


Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Anyone care to defend the idea that the government is good and necessary?

12:39 PM


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