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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Scientology v. Amway v. Other religions

I have decided to put down the bible and learn about the wonder that is Scientology. Why? Well, for one, despite what everyone else said, I thought Battlefield Earth kicked ass. Also, if I am going to reach my goal of sleeping with a famous actress or actor I first need to be rubbing elbows with them.

One thing I have discovered (disclaimer: I spent all of like ten minutes researching this, so I might be completely wrong) is that Scientology, in many respects is not unlike Amway. In Scientology one must have "audits", which is "personal counseling intended to help an individual look at his own existence and improve their ability to confront what and where they are." By proving that they have increased their ability, or by paying $1,500, they can meet with the "auditor" and possibly move to the next "Operating Thetan", or OT. Their are 15 levels of OT (Tom Cruise is currently a OT VII, which means he can move things with his mind). Once someone reaches OT VIII they can kill people with their mind. By the way, to prove that you have "increased your ability" you must bring in other believers.

Also, Scientology has for many years worked to shut down websites that are critical of them.

Now whether this is worse than making a sick man cover his mustache or kidnapping a woman and shaving her head is debatable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your an Idiot and obviously you don't understand even the simplest concepts of Quixtar or Amway! Becuase if you did you would understand that it's an incredible concept. Better luck next time.


8:55 PM

Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Hey D.

It's kind of funny that you start your post with "your an idiot". If you wished to say to Mike "you are an idiot" by using a contraction, it would be "you're an idiot". By the way, we dealt with the problems with Quixtar a couple of weeks ago. Instead of showing up here and insulting us you should probably go to the mall and bug the shoppers to see who wants to come to an open at your home. Oh and that "better luck next time" comment, Wow, what a rapier wit you possess! I mean what a clever person you are. You should consider a second job as a comedy writer, I mean in addition to your bajillion dollar quixtar empire. Please don't deprive the world of your gift, it would be like Mozart deciding to become a blacksmith instead of a composer. Gentlemen, we have been vanquished by a master.

9:27 PM

Blogger Nicholas Woodrich said...

D, I will not disagree with you that it is in fact an intriguing concept when it is presented to you. However, if you look a little deeper then the superficial crap they throw at you such as: you can retire in 2-5 years, you can have a mansion, swimming pool, a fleet of cars, and work only 12-15 hours a week, etc. etc. You will see that it's impossible to achieve that type of success. Now, if your only goal in this is to make a few dollars on the side, say an extra $85 dollars a month, then it's good for you. Of course you'll have to deal with the rather effective brain washing tactics and the radical religious and political beliefs. You may not be seeing these things now but stick around long enough and you'll slowly lose your mind, friends, and family for a few extra bucks. To each his own I guess.

7:28 AM

Anonymous keith said...

unfortunately, the internet has given a forum to the ignorant.

why must you speak about things you have no idea about.

hey dennis...let me guess, you "tried" quixtar and it didn't work, right? disillusioned, you take the responsibility upon yourself to edcuate the free world on how quixtar doesn't work; leaving out the fact it didn't work for you but is working for countless others, myself included.

do you find enjoyment in belittling others' livelihoods? for some people, the income from quixtar is it for them.

please, let people make up their minds about their own lives. If people cannot make a decision to improve their lives, then they deserve to be where they're at.

just because I don't want to buy a microsoft product, doesn't make microsoft any less real or any less lucrative.

do us all a favor and keep your ignorant opinions to yourselves.



11:55 AM

Blogger handsome joe said...

keith, ya big dildo, shut the hell up. you're going to get these guys going again, and then i'll never hear the end of this. the fucking thing is a scam, we've all done the research, quit being an idiot.

12:52 PM

Blogger handsome joe said...

and no, dennis didn't just "try" quixtar, he freakin' owned it, and now he's like a bazillionaire who's retired at the age of 26, which is totally possible if you are a serious ibo, and buy enough motivational materials and go to enough conventions.

2:46 PM

Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Hey Keith

First don't make assumptions. I was never in Quixtar. Second I'll rip on whatever I damn well feel like. For every person making a good livelihood from this, there are a bunch who aren't. Third, people can make up their own minds, unlike the typical upline, I don't demand that others submit to what I say. They are free to look into whatever they want, and I'm free to offer my opinion if I wish. Go be an IBO if you want, good luck to you, but it's not like I'm lying when I say it's not a good opportunity for the overwhelming majority of people.

4:28 PM

Anonymous patman said...

I was an IBO and this biz sucks. They kept telling me to hang in there and I and my wife could retire. What a bunch of crap! We got deeper in debt and now we are trying to dig out of this hole we got into.

3:49 PM

Anonymous patman said...

I was an IBO and this biz sucks. They kept telling me to hang in there and I and my wife could retire. What a bunch of crap! We got deeper in debt and now we are trying to dig out of this hole we got into.

3:49 PM

Anonymous Doug said...

You know what really sucks? They (whoever they are!) said accounting would be a great secure profession! Everybody needs accountants! They lied! After 13 months of not being able to find a job to save my life (literally - my ex had her child support cops after me!), I finally found another job paying 2/3 what I was making before! There's security for you! What a scam! How come there's no website or blog about how "they" lie? Maybe I'll become a lawyer or doctor - nah! I heard that sucks too! Isn't there anything out there that I can make a lot of money in and not do anything??

Let's get real! Nothing is for everybody! But it doesn't make it bad for anybody! Whether it's Quixtar or accounting or janitor, there's something for everybody! This country would really suck if everybody was an accountant! :-)

8:39 AM

Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Calm down Doug

Our objections to Quixtar have to do with its general structure. While nothing is guaranteed in life, some things, by their nature are worse bets than others, quixtar is one of these. I realize that there are people who do well at it, some without even embracing its more cult-like aspects, but viewed as a whole it is a bad bet. Given this, and the claims made to potential recruits ("financial freedom in 2 - 5 years), it is a scam. If the IBO told his prospects "it is conceivable that you might make good money doing this, but chances are that no matter how hard you work, you aren't going to be retiring any time soon" it would be okay, here I am avoiding the obvious tool related problems. Quixtar might work for a very very miniscule portion of the population and that's fine, but when looked at overall, it's not so good.

11:48 AM

Anonymous Doug said...

Sorry, the tongue in cheek sarcasm didn't come across like I had hoped! I understand and appreciate your opinion. I just have a very hard time understanding how people can put something down that they either know very little about or that just wasn't for them. It's true that most people getting into Quixtar, or any business for that matter, will not do that well. The reason is it's harder than it looks. With Quixtar, I think it's more difficult to change your thinking, especially with what most have been taught through the years about our safe secure jobs. But it is also one of the best opportunities for hope for people. I certainly can't afford to buy a business! There are many people looking for an opportunity. And I will admit, there are some schemers out there who will do anything to make a buck off someone. And unfortunately, some of them have given Quixtar a bad rap.

There are also things that people throw much more money at and have really no chance of success - Powerball! Mega Millions! Etc.

Anyway, thanks for listening and thank you for your opinion. If I could just figure out a way to fix the knuckleheads that mess it up!

12:33 PM

Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Thank you Doug
We had a run in with a guy named Tony here a month ago or so, so we might seem a little hostile. You however seem like a perfect gentleman. Good luck with your quixtar business.

1:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:57 AM

Blogger perceptive said...


I am just curious, how do you make the assumption that "people can put something down that they either know very little about or that just wasn't for them". Are you implying that you wouldn't know anything about Quixtar, unless you were a Quixtar IBO? Is it not possible to listen to the 'plan', and immediately figure out the flaws? The MACRO-ECONOMIC flaws of this so-called 'business'? Forget the tools-scam, the inherent conflicts of interest etc... Even without that, the 'plan' is inherently flawed and unstable, and not a viable proposition.

Consider this. The moment the guy underneath you hits 7500 PV, your income from that 'leg' is virtually reduced to nothing. Even after you hit Diamond, when this 'bracketing' of compensation happens in each leg, your income drops drastically because the 'depth' bonuses are pretty miniscule. So, that whole 'Residual Income' CONCEIT, is just A MYTH!

Secondly, there is the problem of saturation. Without regurgitating the whole thing here, I would refer you to Tim's Random Observations Blog -


Masterful explanation of the economics of this 'business' [boy, I gag ;-), everytime I hear somebody refer to this scam as a 'business']....

What about the ETHICS of forcing someone to buy overpriced products so you can make a commission off of their purchase? I have explored this topic in more detail on my blog -


And I agree with you about the fact that job-security is a vanishing thing. But is THIS scam going to give you any security? Not in a MILLION YEARS!! UNLESS you are unscrupulous enough to fleece people by imposing the 'System' on them. And that too, only if you are one of those Tool 'King-pins', otherwise you are pretty much one of those King-pins' slaves - THERE IS NO CONTRACT FOR SHARING OF THE SYSTEM-INCOME.

"And I will admit, there are some schemers out there who will do anything to make a buck off someone. And unfortunately, some of them have given Quixtar a bad rap."

So, don't YOU have a problem with these guys 'ruining' your 'business'?? What have you done about it? Have you complained to the Quixtar Corporation about it? And even if you do, what do you think are your chances that the Quixtar Corporation will do something about it? Good luck!! The corporation's owners have known about it for 25 YEARS, but STILL HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!

"If I could just figure out a way to fix the knuckleheads that mess it up!"

Here's a start. Write a detailed letter to the Corporation, expressing your unhappiness. Tell other IBOs to do the same. I won't guarantee ;-) you that the world will change, but see what happens.


9:03 PM

Blogger Tracee & Doug said...


You are very perceptive! And I thank you for your insight and opinion!

Have you found something that will help someone get ahead? Thanks!


2:30 PM

Blogger perceptive said...

TRACEE & DOUG said>> Have you found something that will help someone get ahead? Thanks!

Okay, Tracee & Doug, let's say you guys decide to jump off a cliff. I warn you that it is not good for you, that you will kill yourself. Do you ask me in return, "Can you tell us a better option"?

You decide to withdraw all your money from your bank account and dump $100 bills into the toilet and start flushing. I say to you, DON'T! Should your response be, "Can you find something better for us to do with our money"?

Why is it that you think that somebody warning you about a SCAM, has to offer an alternative option?

8:53 PM

Blogger Tracee & Doug said...

So I can assume the answer is no. Not that it will change your mind as I'm sure you already "know" that this website is all "Quixtar" people and companies in bed with Quixtar, but if you'd like to explore what Quixtar and Alticor have done and are doing in the way of contributions and helping other companies succeed, check out www.thisbiznow.com. I just find it so fascinating that you can spend so much time saving people from jumping off a cliff!

12:58 PM


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