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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Plastic lawns and artificial wombs...What an age we live in.

Waterless Lawns, also mowless, bugless, and workless. So these guys open a company back in 2003 selling fake lawns. There pitch is that it saves water (good thing we were almost out). Now they are like millionaires...I assume. These are the ideas we should be coming up with people. Of course for one poor bastard in Jersey the man doesn't want him to save water:

"City code enforcers generally prefer their lawns to be natural and mowable."

P.S. In somewhat related news, Dennis pick up the latest copy of Popular Science. There is an article about artificial wombs. Don't feel bad though. You were very close to inventing it yourself (and by "invent" it I mean talk about it incessantly). Plus, you still have your magic teleporting machine to work on...Keep truckin'.


Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Hey man as long as someone invents it. My other cool idea is for ways to prevent aging, not teleportation, fuck-chop.

3:14 PM

Blogger Michael David Petrovich said...

Sorry, I get your impossible difficult inventions mixed up.

P.S. I really wasn't thinking this when I wrote it, but you should add the words 'magic' to the name of everyone of your ideas...Better advertising.

7:05 AM


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