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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Open Call For Original Content

Yo! I am looking for original articles / paragraphs about anything that relates to our culture, music, fashion, arts, action sports, life in general. Not looking to steal Mikey’s thunder with his blog; just looking for something different. It can be music reviews – top 10 lists, What chaps your ass at the moment, anything that could be considered an interesting article with original content. None of that shit where you just copy and paste an article or link to it. I am looking to put some good articles on Est.3003. I have restructured the site somewhat and will also be opening a clothing/music store that ties in with the site, so try and keep that in mind when writing articles. (nothing about blaine’s underwear). I will soon be paying to advertise the site and will be actively promoting the store online so if your interested send your random rants to articles@est3003.com Thanks boys and spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested.



Blogger B Rad said...

Also - if you have any crazy pics that you think would be cool on the site send them to me. I am looking to create a section called "who we be" Since I consider you all "who we be" I think it would enhance the site.

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