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Monday, August 22, 2005

License, registration, and proof of insurance...And boobs

Officers do not risk your rather lucrative jobs just for some sexual favors, that is what strippers are for.

"A veteran Chicago Police officer is expected in court today, accused of ordering women during two separate traffic stops to flash him and, in one case, to "do a little dance" without her panties."

"Later, after Allegretti had arrested the woman and taken her to the Albany Park station, he allegedly told her he wouldn't write her a ticket for having no insurance if she flashed him."

"Allegretti then told the woman to return the following day to the location of the traffic stop, where she was to dance for him without her underwear on..."

Story Here

He has been suspended...I assume with pay.


Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Don't you watch movies and TV, the police are brave protectors of the public. They do things like protect us from harmless Brazilian men in jean jackets.

8:19 PM


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