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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Peter Scolari to my Tom Hanks

Hey ladies, and gentlemen I guess, take a look at Joe's profile. He is single, likes animals, and cares about old people. He doesn't have quite as much hair as in this picture (Still has that god-awful shirt though). I think he might be drunk too.

His favorite quote: If there is grass on the field...Well, that is just disgusting.


Blogger handsome joe said...

who the hell is peter scolari

2:28 PM

Blogger Michael David Petrovich said...

The now less famous half of Bosom Buddies. Sorry, I am not trying to insult you, but it was my post and I can't not be Tom Hanks.

2:32 PM

Blogger handsome joe said...

eh, tom hanks has a weak chin. peter scolari could cut bread with those features; chiseled.....you know i'm sitting here trying to think of another bad thing to say about tom hanks, a coup de grace if you will, but i can't. what can you say against that lovely man. he's the sunlight i my life, i owe a lot to that man, we all do....thanks tom, thanks for everything.

2:56 PM


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