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Friday, July 22, 2005

I ruined Star Wars and I hate America. Who am I?

I found a very old interview of that douchbag that played that worthless piece of Star Wars ruining shit Jar Jar Binks

He explains why the negative reaction here:

The majority of it was distorted. We approached the character with such innocence, and it's amazing how [vitriolic the response was]. It pretty much only happened in America; everywhere else in the world, it was no big deal. And things like seeing a completely innocent, docile cartoon character as something to be hated and despised [point to a bigger] problem within the American quote-unquote psyche. We're focusing so much on kill, die, and then we're wondering why people go crazy, why people shoot people, why people have no regard for human life, and yet--and still--the things that are being sensationalized are the things that glorify killing, shooting, maiming and destruction.

Asked if it bothered him he said:

No, of course not; it doesn't bother me that people are stupid. I'm not stupid.

This motherfucker! He ruins my beloved Star Wars, and then blames America...And then he calls me stupid. We hated Jar Jar because we are obsessed with killing? This man is worse than Hitler.


Blogger Nicholas Woodrich said...

Frickin' Nazi.

8:51 AM

Blogger Nicholas Woodrich said...

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8:51 AM

Blogger B Rad said...

There's that German reference.....

8:53 AM

Blogger BlaineC said...

Someone should ask that Jake Lloyd why he ruined Star Wars and why he hates America. And if he says anything but "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I swear to god, I will aerate that kid's fucking head with a shotgun.

9:27 AM


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