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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

And speaking of weird sex cases...

This 40-year old woman has been throwing sex parties for teenage boys because she wanted to be a "cool mom".


Is there anything hotter than that? God knows I would have appreciated one of my friend's mom's giving me the business when I was in high school. I can only imagine the morning after conversation she has with her son:

Mom: "Good party last night. See? That was fun. I'm a cool mom."
Son: "Mom, you fucked five of my friends. Why do you have to be such a skeez?"
Mom: "Oh, quit whining. I bought you some weed and a jug of Miller High Life."
Son: "Could you just not fuck my friends for one goddamn weekend?"
Mom: "... I'm just trying to be cool."

I especially like the part where Detective R.J. Vander Veen offers his own spot-on psychoanalysis of the old lady. Whatever happened to just reporting the facts? Anyway, all I know is that the kid who told his mom about it and got the whole thing busted is going to get his ass kicked daily.


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